Image: I Guess this is Really Happening

I Guess this is Really Happening

Tradition dictates that at the end of every year and as the possibilities of the next 365 days loom in our horizons, new goals or “resolutions” are determined and set. However, this year I just simply wasn’t ready to turn over a new leaf right on January 1st. I needed some time to stew and consider what I would attempt to do. What changes I feel I need. What I am currently doing well and what I need to improve upon. What will make me grow – even if it hurts a little? What would make me look back on 2013 with a little more joy.

Thats when I figured out exactly what goal fit the bill…happiness. At the end of the day that’s all anybody really wants. But how am I supposed to find that elusive sphere if I don’t first take the time to enjoy all of life’s little “happies” that I all too often ignore or minimize.

After such a long-winded explanation, this is where the above title comes into play:

I guess this is really happening…I am eating my words, joining the masses and claiming a little piece of the internets for my very own. My intent is make a big deal of the small day-to-day occurrences in my life that help me to develop joy.

However, I am fully aware that sometimes the day-to-day just plain sucks, so I am sure there will be plenty of moaning and complaining along the way…consider yourself warned. Whatever it takes to help me look back and recognize the good.

Welp, here goes nothing.

Really I can’t even guarantee this won’t be my only post. Good thing its really just for me anyway.




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