I’d drive all night…

Well I would but I don’t have that great of a driving record, per se. So I guess I will just stick to the other kind of driving. The golfing kind. But then again, I’m not very good at that either. But you see, the husband is. And he is pretty hot when he is swinging those clubs.



Moving on…this Saturday Ryan was craving a reconnection with his clubs, so we hit up the local golf course. It’s a real beauty I tell you. Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of low-flying airplanes served up with a side of dry grass…really sets a romantic mood.





To be honest, it was a blast. While Ryan hit away at those little white balls I was lucky enough to watch him do it. And even hit a few of my own. Nothing quite like a Saturday with my love. Even if it includes looking like an idiot when I missed the ball (eleven times, but who’s counting?!). We finished off the date with some more romantic escapades that looked an awful lot like grocery shopping and gorging ourselves at the Guadalajara Grill. I’m nothing if not easy to please. And now for your viewing pleasure:





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