I Love You, Ron Swanson

Leslie: Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?

Ron: People are idiots, Leslie

Because we are die hard Parks and Rec fans (and because I pretty much bleed waffles and honey, no syrup fans here!) Ryan and I decided it was high time we packed on a few pounds by hosting a breakfast-for-dinner Parks and Recreation viewing party.  I mean really, besides church there is no better religion than breakfast food and laughter, am I right or what?

Guests: a few rad people. Namely, the Beards, the Aikeles, and the Joneses.


Activities: cramming as much breakfast food as we could into our all-too-willing bellies. Oh, and laughing our faces off compliments of Ron Swanson, Leslie Knope, Tom Haverford and the gang.

Food: Waffles, fruit (to ease the fat guilt just a little), OJ, bacon, waffles, bacon, eggs, whipped cream, waffles, bacon, waffles…you get the idea. I forgot to get pics of the actual food. I was too busy shoving it down my gullet.




Highlights: Super cute babies that may have made my ovaries sing just a little bit. Ok, a lot.


Lowlights: My husband’s Ron Swanson impersonation complete with nasty sex-offender mustache, comb-over hair and flannel-tucked-into-too-high-khakis. Seriously folks, I refused to kiss him till that nasty thing was shaved off his handsome mug.



Are you drooling yet? If not because of the bacon grease smell I’m sure you are over Ryan’s mustache. He’s sexy and he knows it.




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