In the spirit of Usher…


These are my confessions.

I used to loathe Valentine’s Day. The sixteen-year-old version of myself despised it the most. A whole holiday full of ginormous stuffed teddy bears and dollar-store chocolate roses coupled with hormonal, angst-y teenagers swapping spit by their lockers was just too much for my tender heart.

Ok, I’ll cut the crap. I was totally jealous (hopefully my pride recovers from that acknowledgment). Pretty sure my talk with the universe went a little bit like this every February 14th…BRING ON THE GERBER DAISES AND MIXED CD’S FULL OF DASHBOARD CONFESSIONALS and OCTOBER FALL. WHEN THAT OFFICE AIDE COMES THROUGH THE CLASSROOM DOOR WITH A CHEAP HEART-SHAPED BOX FULL OF WAXY CHOCOLATE, LET IT BE FOR ME. I’M COUNTING ON YOU UNIVERSE. DON’T LET ME DOWN (insert sappy teenage girl sending cosmic thoughts into the great unknown).

Trouble is, it never really worked. I mean I had my fair share of those cute little butterfly-inducing crushes and a few noteworthy “relationships” (man I was soooooo mature) throughout the three years of weird that was high school. But Valentine’s day itself was always a super big let down. And I reacted with enough mellow-dramatic nonsense to win an Oscar…move over Meryl Streep.

Ever since then, I haven’t really gotten over my Valentine’s scrooge-ness. I scoff at conversation hearts and shake my head at grocery store roses. Don’t get me wrong, Ryan and I celebrate, but it isn’t a big thing in our house.

However, this year something changed.

I dunno what it was, but I woke up Valentine’s morning just brimming with love for my cute CPA (realistically that happens most mornings, but this was sappy/cheesy/ridiculous infatuation). Everywhere I went Cupid’s arrows shot me straight in the face. When I hit up the grocery store and saw the card aisles teeming with last-minute shoppers, hot tears literally sprang into my eyes. I could feel the love-vibes everywhere I went. I seriously skipped a few times.

So this year, I tried a lot harder. I sent cutesy texts to Ryan. I cleaned the house. I ordered an extra-special surprise online (which still hasn’t come…dang it!). I mean I even curled my hair. Yes I’m so lazy that curling my hair has become a meaningful gesture at our house. I guess I’m kind of like the Valentine’s Grinch -my heart grew two sizes that day!

To sum up our day in a few words, we ordered Mexican take-out, broke my cardinal PDA rule and made-out in public. It was awesome. And you know what… it was the best Valentine’s Day ever.



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