A Little Chicken Soup for Your Soul (at my own expense)


So you need a little pick me up today? As luck would have it, I have a little embarrassing story that may prove to be just the trick.

First, a little background:

I have been doing trying to do Crossfit for the last few months. While I am really loving it and finally starting to see results (YES!) it has really required me to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to lift real weights like a big girl. However, I am too cheap to join an actual Crossfit, so I have been following this website and making do at the local gym.

Back to the good stuff:

So today’s workout of the day required pull-ups, which I totally suck at. Thus I improvised by attempting to do reverse pull-ups using the bar rack. Everything was going well, and I was even feeling pretty proud of myself. Maybe even checking myself out in the mirror just a little (you know you do it too). My mind at that moment may have looked a little like this “daaannng girl. You looking fiiiine. Bring on swimsuit season. You’ve got this”. My unsuspecting self probably even had a stupid little smile plastered on her face.

Then, BOOM.

I found myself flat on my back with a few HEAVY weights laying on top of me. Insert inappropriate expletive here. One that rhymes with pit. Oh, and unfortunately, my headphones were in. So I’m pretty sure I yelled that bad word extra loud. Awesome.

As I lay there soaking in a puddle of sweaty embarrassment, a bunch of old ladies gathered around me asking if I was ok. You know you’ve really hit rock bottom when 70-year-old women in neon pink jogging suits look at you with pity in their eyes.

So I did what any person in their right mind would do. I jumped up. Pretended I was fine and brushed off their help. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I have a bruise the size of China on my left leg. Due to its exact location, I’ll spare you and not post a picture.

Moral of the story: Never pretend you are hot enough to be cocky at the gym and avoid checking yourself out in the mirrors at all costs. Cause the universe will come around and bite you square in the bum (or the leg in my case). 




One thought on “A Little Chicken Soup for Your Soul (at my own expense)

  1. I’m just a lovin reading your blog. It makes me feel happy/slightly jealous of your cuteness. Cause my ridiculous single bohemian lifestyle is so much less… I don’t know… But anyways, I’m suddenly looking forward to getting married. That’s weird.

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