If I am being 100% honest, one of the things we miss the very most about Saint George is Café Rio. Call it the fat girl in me, but I get legitimately depressed when I think about all of the tomatillo dressing, sweet pork barbacoa and flour tortillas (oh, the tortillas…they deserve their very own spot in the celestial kingdom) going on several hundred miles away from me. Like straight up slit my wrists and cry to emo music depressed (too far?). For example, my sister sent me a picture of her recent Café Rio visit and I almost considered not talking to her for a week.

IMG_2214IMG_2289IMG_2341In a moment of divine intervention, Ryan and I found a few recipes online that help hold us over in between visits to Heaven (Heaven = pork enchiladas, naturally). However,  it can all be rather time consuming so we only make them ourselves once or twice a year. Thank goodness I’m lazy or my hips and butt would jiggle even more than they already do (try not to picture that…sorry).IMG_2338IMG_2337IMG_2344

In an effort to spread our unadulterated joy, we decided to keep tradition alive and throw the 2nd Annual Cinco de Mayo Food Extravaganza. We invited a few friends and made a feast fit for genuine Luchadores. It featured cilantro-lime rice, sweet pork barbacoa, fresh flour torillas, seasoned black beans, tomatillo ranch dressing and more toppings than I care to admit.

IMG_2244IMG_2302IMG_2303Not to toot my own horn, but I think it all turned out pretty great. I’m already anticipating next year. Now all you Utahn’s don’t let me hear that you are taking your easy access for granted; that’s just despicable. And quite possibly a deal-breaker.



4 thoughts on “Olé!

  1. You’re kind I awesome at throwing parties, an this one is the most delicious one ever. Thanks for doing it. You’re the best!

  2. You’re seriously so adorable. Way to be a cute little hostess and party-er! I love this.

  3. Look at you… you little party planner! Wish I could mail Cafe Rio to you. Maybe you should look into the franchise??? Bring it to Cali! Can’t wait to see you soon!

  4. I lovvvveee your apartment Alissa!! (I’m assuming that is your apartment I guess…) and I love how festive this all looks. I promise next time you’re in town, we’ll go straight to Cafe Rio and skip Two Jacks.

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