To be totally honest, this post (or series of posts) has been buzzing around my head like an obnoxious fly constantly for the past few weeks. It has been sitting at the very top of my to do list and yet I still come up with reasons not just sit down and get shiz done. Why? Because if I write about Hawaii then it means we have already come and gone and there aren’t any dreamy tropical oasis getaways looming on the Holt horizon. I am all sorts of angst-y about leaving that sun-drenched island. I’ve got the post vacation blues, baby. And I’ve got them bad.

That said, I will carry on like the stalwart post-vacationer that I am and share a bajillion pictures of us playing tourist and downing pina coladas and lava flows like the world was ending. Let the #holthawaii13 photo dump commence!





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