-118Dear 23,

Oh twenty-three. You weren’t my favorite year ever. But you turned out alright.

When you came knocking at my door last June, I had no idea the company you would bring. With you came good, bad, ugly, beautiful, exquisite, tender, sappy, lame, exciting, intimidating, stressful, glorious, pitiful, angry, calm, exuberant, low, facetious, greedy, giving, peaceful and my personal favorite, surprise.

You were the year I learned what it really means to work hard, especially when it seems like nobody notices. You taught me that faith quite literally precedes the miracle. That everything works out alright (and normally better than that) in the end. That Heavenly Father absolutely know what is actually best for me, even when I am pretty confident that I do.

Remember the patients at the hospital that tried our patience and made us bite our tongue? Sometimes we did, and other times we didn’t. Oops. I’ll try harder during 24. You were the year of electrifying feelings and realizing that I am doing what I love. And getting paid for it. Finally.

Remember those ten million times we looked over at Ryan and thought to ourselves “how is he ours?”. Those were perfect-life moments. Remember how he likes to pinch our bum and say he is the luckiest? Remember how we really wanted to make him a daddy and we are starting to not be so scared about that idea? Maybe 24 will make us more brave.

You and I, we shopped a lot. And were kinda greedy. Let’s be a little less worldly and a lot more satisfied this next year. What do you say? (But then again, we bought some pretty nifty shoes, that’s for certain. So it wasn’t a total loss.)

You were the year I conquered my belief that teaching Relief Society would surely result in my untimely death. I even surprised myself and found out that I actually rather like it. Those ladies sure are special.

Speaking of special, I developed some pretty important friendships while you were in town. Girlfriends that make me happy. Older folks in the ward who’s wisdom pretty much blows me away. Not to mention their desire to party.

Family took center-stage this year. Thanks to you I have learned that they are the very most celestial part of my life. How lucky am I?

I could go on and on about you, but it’s time to move on.


Dear 24,

Let’s do this.


2 thoughts on “23-24

  1. You are a babe. Best looking 24 year old I’ve ever seen, and Max is one of them too 😉 I’m hoping I still maybe get to see you at the end of this summer? Maybe? I need to talk to you too! we’ve been out of town the last couple of weeks but now I’m back and we need girl talk …. and I owe you 24 cupcakes.

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