Elder Wright Takes the MTC

IMG_4029One morning when I was five years old I woke up to find my Mom’s friend Colleen in the place where my mom should have been. Understandably, I was confused. And frightened. It was school picture day and as a kindergartener, I was terribly nervous. It turned out that my beautiful, pregnant mother’s water had broken during the night and being only a few months along she had rushed to the hospital.

As the months progressed, she remained in critical condition and my sisters and I moved to southern Utah to stay with my grandparents. First came Halloween; I was Mary Poppins. Then Thanksgiving. A few days later we got the call – I was the ecstatic big sister to a teeny, tiny one-pound baby brother.

IMG_0022Now, 18 years later, he defied the odds. He is a genius, terribly witty, ridiculously handsome and has had absolutely no complications since leaving that NICU in Walnut Creek, California. Our family was unbelievably blessed. Needless to say, I adore him.

Almost a year ago our Church announced that the missionary age was changing. Instead of waiting until they were 19, young men were welcome to serve at the ripe old age of 18. While that was a magnificent day and the masses were overjoyed, my stomach sunk a little. Because I know my brother and I knew he was already itching to leave. The smile on his face when he found out was priceless. Magical, really.IMG_0026_2

Now here I sit, a week to the day from when he entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) as a man set apart to take the divine knowledge of the gospel to the city of Cebu. The people of the Philippines have no clue just how lucky they are.

While I could go on and on about him, it is enough for me to say that he is one of the greatest examples of love, determination, kindness and positivity in my life. He inspires me every day to do a little more, try a little harder and give just a little more. My poor heart literally exploded when we dropped him off at the curb and he walked away into a sea of white shirts, dark slacks and black name tags. Two years is a loooonnnnngggg time. But I can’t imagine him in any better place.

(Afterwards my family drowned our sorrows with Cafe Rio pork salads. It seemed like the only appropriate thing to do. But seeing as we sobbed all the way through the line, we definitely made an impression on the cashier. Leave it to us.)

You’ve got this Elder Wright.IMG_3861


Don’t Read this if You are Looking for Something Light…or do. Just Whatever.

IMG_3790Lately I have been swimming in the middle of the funkiest of funks. Its been a couple of months of high waves, low depths and a fair mixture of annoyingly boring middle ground. Big decisions are weighing heavily on my mind and I have let them eat away, bite-by-bite, at my attitude. I have been quicker to snap, slower to love and more inclined to the negative. Lovely, I know. I’ve been an absolute peach to be around lately, obviously.

Realistically, I know that I have absolutely no reason to be feeling a little miffed about my life right now. The decisions that I am facing are actually happy decisions (I need to remind myself of that on a daily basis, so indulge me in doing so here). Either outcome will bring a fairly even mixture of joy, worry, excitement and loneliness. And let’s face it…my trials and worries do not even compare to the majority of lovely people that I know. But they are my trials. So there.

My problem is that I sometimes always tend to rush. I make up my mind and I go. One thing that I know very well about myself is that I am not patient. And to be honest, I hate that. With a capital H.

After talking to the wisest women I know (thank you, mama!) it has come to my attention that the only thing I can do is make specific daily decisions to be happy. I need to do the things I know will make me feel more joy even when those things are the last things in the world that I want to do (or have motivation to do)!


Anyway. The other day I had this crazy transcendental hippie experience that convinced me that if I made an outward change, an inward change was bound to follow. So I finally did it. I chopped my hair. 10 inches of it! Freedom! Hosannah! Gloria!

And you know what…it’s starting to work. I feel sassier, wiser(?) and in general I am doing my hair more often so that can only serve to be a positive thing, right? Anything that motivates me to get ready on a day off of work can only be divine intervention, that’s for dang sure.

Wanna know something else? Just writing this all out on an empty screen has already made me feel better today. Good vibes are headed my way.

Over and out.