A Little Earthquake Love

imageToday at 5:49 AM was just like any other morning. I was getting ready for work, thumbing through bright colored scrubs and deciding that I was too tired for mascara or make-up. I could hear Ryan’s phone alarm clock buzzing and beeping – he has one of those nerdy alarms that make you do a math problem to turn it off. Seriously. But then again this is the kid that won college math awards, so it’s really not surprising.

Then at 5:50 AM it all changed.

I got a call from my dad.

It was short and not-so-sweet. There had been a pretty big earthquake in the Philippines. Cebu to be exact – the very place my baby brother began his mission only 7 days ago. A lot of people were hurt and killed. The mission president called to say Brent is ok. He is alive and accounted for. But that is all we know.

My dad had to hang up real fast. I must have started sobbing because the next thing I remember is Ryan holding me and pulling me into bed. He wiped my eyes and listened to me ugly cry, and then he held me tighter when I asked.

When the tears dried up, I spent a few minutes allowing a slideshow of childhood memories and warm fuzzies to wash over me. I concentrated on each family member and let the love shine through. I hope they felt it, just a little.

I’m so grateful for forever families. I am so very relieved that I know that my brother will always be mine. I am glad that he is out serving the Lord and the people of Cebu. I am grateful for a husband that knows how to comfort me.

As much as that phone call rocked my childish view of the world and made its tragedy a little more familiar, I am grateful for it.

I have never loved my family more, and that gives me courage.


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