For My Mama


This past weekend my mama came to visit. As she always does, she filled our home with a very special type of sunshine. There is just something so right about having her here…I kind of feel taken care of, you know?



Between the late night talks (who are we kidding, we both feel asleep by 10pm…awesome!), Ghirardelli trips, rich food (hello bloated tummy), shopping, and just plain being together, the weekend was exactly what I needed.




OH! And our wildest dreams FINALLY came true…we saw the Broadway production of Wicked. IN San Francisco. AT the Orpheum theater. I’m still speechless. I have been changed for good (did you catch my pun? Clever, aren’t I?). Also, I may have a girl-crush on Dee Roscioli.

IMG_2168 IMG_2176

I have less than 4 hours till I drop my mama off at the airport and my heart is already starting to hurt a little. Sometimes it’s pretty hard living away from family. You miss the steady, comfortable rhythm that only they give.


But then we have weekends like this one, and I am grateful that every visit feels like an event worth celebrating. She is my very favorite type of amazing, that mama of mine.